Eddie Murphy To Return In Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop 4

According to Netflix, the online streaming service, it is official—there will indeed by a Beverly Hills Cop 4.  Although all the talk on the internet and social media of late has been the much-anticipated launch of Disneys very won Disney+ streaming service, it seems that Netflix is taking the chance to let viewers know they are still around—and very watch worthy.

In what many are calling a significant coup, Netflix announced that they had officially snagged the rights to the long-awaited and much anticipated Beverly Hills Cop sequel.  What is even more exciting is that Detroit detective, Axel Foley, will once again be portrayed by none other than Eddie Murphy—the originator of the role.

Image: CASSIUSLife.com

It seems that Eddie Murphy’s recent collaboration with the streaming service, in comedic biopic Dolemite is My Name, helped to solidify a more deepened relationship with Netflix.  Murphy had pretty much fallen from the public eye over the last few years, thanks to series of flops at the box office.  Netflix itself is buckling up for the upcoming new services that its competitors will be offering, meaning the streaming service will need to up it’s game big time!

After a somewhat limited run at the theaters, Dolemite is My Name is now available to stream on Netflix.  Eddie Murphy’s portrayal of comedian maverick and filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore is said to be in the works to possibly garner Murphy an Oscar nomination.  As a result, Murphy has been reported to be hinting at the possibility of retiring from acting altogether and return to his roots of stand-up comedy full-time.

Image: Entertainment.ie

As far back as early October of last year, Murphy himself stated that BHC4 would be his next movie.  With the original BHC as well as its sequel BHC2 proving to be massive money-making monsters for Paramount Pictures, many at the studio were unprepared for the major let down of BHC3—which proved to be not only a commercial but a critical flop as well.  As a result, one can understand why it has taken so long to get BHC4 off the ground.

Paramount Pictures owned the rights to the first three BHC’s. However, Netflix now has the licensing rights to both the franchise and the characters.  No details have been forthcoming about the film’s intended plot.