Easy, Expert-Approved Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Dogs are lovely best friends. How does a close relationship with a four-legged friend develop?

Lisa Radosta, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, says, “Like with people, a solid human-animal connection is based on trust.”  How to bond more with your pup and determine if you and it have a solid foundation?

How Strong Is Your Bond With Your Dog?

It’s a good sign if your dog enjoys being around you. Dogs shouldn’t act fearful around you but shouldn’t be anxious when separated from their owner.

Radosta says, “If your dog can’t let you use the bathroom alone, that’s not a loving bond. That’s an unhealthy attachment.”

It makes sense that your pup would turn to you when things get sketchy.

Building A Better Bond With Your Dog

Bonding with your dog doesn’t require hours of chucking a tennis ball around the yard or long walks through the neighborhood unless that’s your thing. There are several ways to build a closer bond.


Ensure Consistent Communication

Radosta says, “There is love and trust between pets and their owners, but this doesn’t ensure a strong bond. The biggest barrier to that is inconsistency.”

The key to building a stronger bond with your dog is consistency in how you respond to different circumstances.

Understand Your Dog’s Preferences

Some dogs do not enjoy walks. Each dog has a unique personality, so keep an eye on your four-legged friend to find out what he wants most.

Please do not force your dog to do anything he dislikes. It weakens your bond with your pet.


Dogs Need Their Own Space

Don’t worry if your pet wants his own space. Not all dogs are naturally social.

You should consider your dog’s personality and breed, and let him nap if he wants! A great bond doesn’t require constant proximity.

Enjoy Your Pet’s Company

Petting your pup is an excellent way to create a feel-good environment. Petting a dog or cat for just 10 minutes reduced stress hormones (cortisol) significantly.

Hence, petting your dog may be the healthiest way to connect with your pet!