Easy DIY Fun for the Kids! 3 Recipes for Perfect Kinetic Sand

As a mother, you are constantly looking for cheap and easy ways to entertain your little ones. These recipes for kinetic-like sand are affordable, fast, and likely use ingredients you already have at home!

Recipe 1:

5 cups of play sand

3 cups all purpose flour

1 cup vegetable oil

Combine all of the ingredients together in a large container, such as a rubber bin. That’s it! Your kids will enjoy the sensory experience this sand provides, and it’s perfect for building fun structures.

Recipe 2:

5 cups of play sand

2.5 tablespoons of cornstarch

5 teaspoons of dish soap

Water as needed

Mix together the cornstarch and sand. Separately combine the soap and water together, and whisk until the soap is dissolved and the water is bubbly. Add the water to the cornstarch sand mixture slowly, until the right consistency is reached. It shouldn’t be too wet, but should be malleable and hold its shape when pressed into a mould. If it is needed, add additional water until the right consistency is reached.

Recipe 3:

8 cups of all purpose flour

1 cup of baby oil

This recipe is great because it doesn’t need sand! Most moms will already have these two ingredients in the house. Combine them together to create extremely soft “sand” that will hold its shape and is great for building.

All of these recipes will create sand that can last for weeks. Store the sand in airtight containers so it doesn’t dry out. If the sand does dry out, add moisture from the recipe in small amounts until it reaches its proper consistency again.

These fun do-it-yourself recipes are a great simple way to keep your children entertained. Keep in mind that just like regular sand, the kids may get a bit messy while playing with your DIY versions! I recommend sending them outside to play. If they want to play inside, I often will put the bin with the sand on a tile floor and garbage bags as a mat underneath for easy clean up. My boys love to take their toy cars with them, and make sand dunes they can race over.  Or I will give them various size cups, and they have built some very spectacular castles. Nothing sparks creativity like endless possibilities!