Easy DIY Fruit Animals That Your Kids Will Devour

Many parents find it easier to get their children to eat fresh fruit before fresh vegetables—and it gets even easier once food and fun are blended together! Make sure you’ve got playtime planned, too, in case your little ones enjoy a blood sugar spike.

Get Tropical With A Banana Dolphin

Fill a glass with berries and grapes, then slice a banana in half. Cut two flaps of banana skin to rest on the edges of the glass as flippers and slice the stem to create a mouth. Finish with raisin eyes stuck to the banana with peanut butter.

Tell your kids that dolphins don’t actually drink water, even though they live in it—these mammals get all of the water they need from their fishy diets!

Make A Strawberry Banana Lizard

All you’ll need for this reptilian snack are sliced strawberries, a sliced banana, a green grape, a couple of raisins, and pretzel sticks! Lay everything out on a plate and enjoy the giggles.

Plate Up A Bright-As-The-Sun Lion

Lay out a pineapple slice and place a couple dozen mandarin oranges around the rim. Next, lay out four banana slices as ears and eyes. Top the face off with blueberry eyes, a nose and whiskers made from thin apple slices, and a sliced raspberry mouth.

Make sure you tell your kids that a running lion can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour—just as fast as your car. Rawr!

A Hoot, Hoot, Cute Apple Owl

Slice a green apple to create an owl’s head and body, then slice up several thinner pieces to create wings and tufted ears. A pair of sliced grapes make up the feet and eyes, topped off with raisins.

An almond slice looks great as a beak and a pretzel stick will give the sweet little raptor a perch!