Early “Birds of Prey” Reactions Are Positive

Recently in London, the premiere of “Birds of Prey” came about. The film is a spin-off of 2016’s “Suicide Squad” in that it continues the story of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) but also becomes its own thing with the all-female gang of misfit heroes known in the comics as the Birds of Prey. And though the review embargo will not be dropping until next week, the early social media reactions seem to be largely positive.

Though DC Comics has had a bit of a troubling history with trying to keep up with the tsunami of Marvel Comics movies, resulting in low critical scores and mixed box office returns, they seem to be back on track recently. Their latest crop of movies that included “Aquaman,” “Shazam” and “Joker” has proven to be everything from critical darlings to box office titans to even Academy Award-nominated. And it’s now looking like “Birds of Prey” will be adding to that momentum as a feminism-fueled and giddy action romp.

Image: IGN

Here are a few of the first reactions from Twitter:

Hoai-Tran Bui:  is a blast. Stylish, kooky, and gut-bustingly funny, it sings when it lets it’s cast just go ham, especially the gonzo Margot Robbie. Lulls a bit in the middle and is a little on the slight side, but a completely fun watch
Erik Davis:  has terrific action, humor & some of the more memorable characters we’ve seen in a DC movie, but the biggest highlight is Margot Robbie. She is fantabulous as Harley, while also proving that sometimes our most valued relationships are the ones we have w/ good food
Katie Walsh:  is a totally campy and brutal carnival ride; a colorful, chaotic and cheeky blast. FYC: Ewan MacGregor, Best Supporting Actor.
Britany:  was a rideee! The action scenes are really raw and some of the best I’ve seen in a comic book film. Each and every character has their moment to shine and I loved it. Just wait until you witness the power of the canary cry on the big screen!!
Scott Mendelson:  is delightfully unassuming and unconcerned with its place in a larger context. It’s a bonkers bananas crime comedy and a genuine party movie. Everyone is having a blast but Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Huntress like a supporting character from THE TICK. It rocks.
Alisha Grauso:  is like if John Wick were run through a crazy funhouse filter and stuffed full of glitter and f-bombs. It’s everything you could ever want from and her badass girl gang. Into this movie completely.
Sean O’Connell: Believe this. whips all sorts of ass. It is a hard-hitting, unapologetic origin story for the team, and a terrific, vicious vehicle for . Violent, funny with CRAZY fun action. And Ewan McGregor is on a different frequency, but wildly entertains! See it!
BD:  is a lot of fun and violent as hell. The Birds are so entertaining and distinctly different from each other. Ewan McGregor is so sinister and often hilarious.
Angie J. Han: : winning characters, above-average action, and a killer soundtrack hampered by uneven tone and pacing. The girls at their best together, and they’re not together enough. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress is the not-so-secret MVP.
JoBlo.com: Our own @JimmytotheO flew in for an early screening of @birdsofpreywb. “While ultimately it’s a fun time, the film itself is a bit of a mess. Thankfully it’s occasionally a beautiful disaster, one that offers the cast the chance to shine. Ewan McGregor is terrific, as is Robbie”
“Birds of Prey” will be opening in theaters everywhere on February 7th, 2020 and the review embargo will be dropping on February 5th.