During The Pandemic, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Says He ‘Fell In Love With Cooking’

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, the eldest son of celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham, recently opened up about his newfound love for cooking during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an interview with British Vogue, the 23-year-old revealed that he and his wife, Nicola Peltz, spent much time experimenting with new recipes and ingredients in the kitchen.


Beckham shared that cooking became a creative outlet for him during the pandemic. He said, “I fell in love with cooking. It was just my wife and me in the kitchen, and we were trying new recipes, and it was enjoyable.” The couple, who married in July 2020, also documented their culinary adventures on social media, sharing photos and videos of their homemade meals.

The pandemic has been challenging for many people but has also allowed individuals to explore new hobbies and interests. For Beckham, cooking became a way to cope with the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. He explained, “It was something that took my mind off things. It was therapeutic in a way.”

Cooking has numerous benefits, including promoting mindfulness, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being. Research has shown that engaging in creative activities like cooking can increase happiness and satisfaction in life. Additionally, preparing meals at home gives individuals more control over their food’s ingredients and nutritional value.


Beckham’s passion for cooking has also inspired him to consider pursuing a career in the culinary industry. He said, “I love cooking, and I would love to cook for people. It’s something that I’m interested in exploring in the future.”

In conclusion, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s experience with cooking during the pandemic highlights the importance of finding healthy and fulfilling ways to cope with challenging situations. His newfound passion for cooking provided a sense of enjoyment and creativity and opened up new career possibilities.