Dr. Pepper Birthday Cake Flavor Is A Thing

Dr. Pepper is a delicious soda beverage which is also available in a variety of different flavors. the newest flavor of Dr. Pepper to make headlines is Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper, which is said to taste exactly like birthday cake. Instead of blowing out the candles and eating a piece of cake for your next trip around the sun, try a can of Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper.

News of the new birthday cake flavor was made public after a social media post from @junkfoodaisle which read, “Huge shoutout and thanks to @drpepper and their PR partners for sending me some love for my birthday last week! Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper! Sadly I still have no news on if this Limited Edition drink will ever be in stores. Currently, it is only sent to members of Dr. Pepper’s #PepperPack – which fans can sign up for at!”

This new Dr. Pepper flavor is a limited edition item, although it is not clear how long this birthday cake flavor will be available. The cans are a white color with the traditional red lettering, with “Icing on the Cake” and “#DrPepperBDay” written across the front, with rainbow-colored sprinkles all around. Each can is twelve ounces and includes both natural and artificial flavors.


Currently this limited edition flavor is not available in stores, but all interested parties have to do is simply have to join the Pepper Squad at Dr. Pepper’s website. Just a few clicks of a button and you can get the latest news about all Dr. Pepper products delivered right to your inbox. Just sign up and you can have a can of Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper delivered right to you to try. According to the taste tester, the limited-edition drink does in fact taste just like birthday cake.