‘Double Dare’ Revival Coming Summer 2018

One of the most popular kids’ television shows in coming back on the air.  The Nickelodeon game show “Double Dare” is officially returning with a full season of forty all-new episodes.

The show is Nickelodeon’s longest running game show, which originally premiered in 1986 and ended in 1993. The series was revived for a limited run in early 2000, and rumors about another revival surfaced online a few years back after the network made a tribute to the show with the 30th anniversary special for the series.

During it’s run, the show was the most watched afternoon television program, and later included “Family Double Dare” where two teams consisted of two children and two adults, battled it out against each other.

The red team and the blue team would battle it out in the trivia round to earn points and prizes. The team at the end of the round with the most points moved on to the more physical challenges.

One of the most entertaining parts of the series was the physical challenges, where contestants would have to complete often messy stunts in thirty seconds or less to win money.  The team with the highest score at the end of the round moved on to the obstacle course.

The obstacle course included eight obstacles with orange flags hidden inside which had to be found within sixty seconds. These obstacles were usually enlarged food, clothing or body parts, like a giant gumball machine, a human nose, a hamster wheel or an ice cream slide.

The teams won a prize for each obstacle they completed successfully and a grand prize for finishing the course. This grand prize was usually a great vacation for a whole family or even a car.

The original host of the show was Marc Summers, although the new host of the show has yet to be announced. The network has teased that old favorites from the show would be returning for the revival, as well as new stars from current television shows. The original series was filmed live in front of a studio audience. No specific air date has been set for the revival but it will premiere in the summer of 2018.