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Don’t Fly Here: The World’s Worst Airports, According To Pilots

Most of us don’t really think about any airport being the worst. We know we’ll have to face the same challenges everywhere—TSA lines are way too long, most airports serve food that isn’t up to par, and it’s common to spend lots of time sitting on the runway.

But for those who fly for a living, there are airports straight out of hell. These airports are so bad that pilots who frequently travel through them were compelled enough to write them into a list of airports to avoid at all costs.

Here are the three worst airports on that list.

LAX, United States

Los Angeles International Airport is the only airport in America that made the list. It was built in the 1920s and is in desperate need of an upgrade, and its TSA checkpoints are reported to be the worst in the country.

It’s way too small for the amount of traffic it sees, too. You can expect a 20-mile trip from the airport to last for hours. Traffic is impossible, and you won’t be stuck in the best part of town, either.

TIA, Nepal

Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal has been dubbed “the worst airport in the world” by pilots. It feels more like a bus station than an airport. There are no amenities. There’s barely even security. It’s described to feel like an anthill because it seems to be running at “600% capacity,” Fox News reported.

PVG, China

China’s Shanghai Pudong International Airport isn’t the worst of all airports, but there’s one epic design flaw. There are three runways—one on the east side and two on the west side. Pilots have complained of being directed to land on the opposite side of the airport of their gate. Passengers have to be taxied to the other side and it takes quite a bit of time.

The pilots have to deal with stressed out passengers who can’t handle the chaos. PVG is among the largest airports in the world. You don’t want to get lost there.

We know it’s sometimes unavoidable, but if there are choices available to you other than these three airports in your travels, take those options.