Dog Leads Search To Rescue Elderly Woman from Pond

A dog is being credited with saving a woman’s life after recognizing she was in trouble and leading the rescue efforts.

Abby Leathers was at her home in Gwinnett County, Georgia when she started to notice her pit bull Bruce, who she named after Batman, was behaving in an unusual way. The dog was scratching at the door as if he was desperate to go outside.

When Leathers finally opened the door, Bruce bolted outside and headed straight for a nearby pond. Leathers followed Bruce all the way to the pond, where she saw an elderly woman in the water. It was as if Bruce somehow knew the woman was there and knew he had to get to her.

“She was standing two or three feet down, up to her knees in the water,” Leathers explains.

The woman didn’t speak English, and so it was difficult for Leathers to communicate with her. However, Leathers was eventually able to help her out of the pond. Leathers then wrapped her in a blanket and called 911 to make sure she was okay.

By the time paramedics had arrive, the woman’s family had contacted police to report her as missing. Soon enough, the family was reunited and grateful to Leathers for getting the woman out of the pond. However, Leathers deflected all credit toward Bruce.

“I would never have known she was out there,” said Leathers. “She could have frozen, she could have drowned. Thanks to Bruce she got to go home.”

Leathers adds that most people overlook pit bulls as dogs with smarts and intuition. But Bruce’s actions prove that’s not necessarily true.

“I wish people gave the breed a chance because everyone needs a hero,” says Leathers. “If it helps a pit bull get adopted, if it saves a pit bull’s life, I’ll tell Bruce’s story until I’m blue in the face.”