Does The Mayr Method Diet Work, And Is It Safe?

According to Alison Graziano, R.D.N., a registered dietitian nutritionist, the Mayr method diet has recently become more popular due to its relationship with Wilson.

Graziano says, “The basic principles of the diet include eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten, and caffeine for 14 days, says Graziano. “The diet also emphasizes mindful eating behaviors, such as avoiding distractions while eating, chewing each bite of food 40 to 60 times, avoiding water with meals, and stopping eating after 7 p.m.”

Jenna Volpe, R.D.N., a gut health specialist at Whole-listic Living, emphasizes gut health with the Mayr Method. Volpe adds that the Mayr Method also incorporates lifestyle interventions, such as reducing screen time, getting more sleep, and incorporating acupuncture and nasal reflexology.

How Safe Is The Mayr Method?

According to Graziano and Volpe, the Mayr Method is too restrictive, despite its good aspects. Experts say removing entire food groups is problematic in multiple ways

Volpe says, “he doesn’t think all the bells and whistles included in this dietary protocol are necessary for a healthy gut and optimal wellbeing.”

Graziano says the diet’s strict principles may trigger unsafe disordered eating behaviors. It is essential for people with chronic dieting and eating disorders.

Do You Need To Try The Mayr Method?

Graziano says, “I would not recommend the Mayr Method to anyone. Simply put, any diet with food rules that can’t be broken is not sustainable.”

Graziano says using this diet to lose weight in 14 days does not work because it requires eating mindfully without distractions. You should always consult your doctor or a registered dietitian before trying a new diet or changing your eating habits.

According to the magazine, Wilson added the Mayr Method to her routine after visiting the Austrian resort in 2019. Since declaring 2020 her “year of health,” Rebel Wilson has surpassed her health goals through Instagram.