Doctor Who’s Moffat Pens A Short Sequel To A Fan-Favorite Episode.

Steven Moffat, long time former showrunner to the rebooted Doctor Who tv series, has not been letting any moss grow under his feet while on lockdown. 

He has reportedly penned a short sequel to the fan-favorite episode, starring the tenth Doctor’s David Tennant.

Although Moffat served as showrunner or the series from seasons five to ten, 2010-2017, he had actually been writing for and involved in the series since it’s original rebooting in 2005. 

Image: YouTube

Over the expanse of the series, Moffat’s contributions have served to provide some of the best and most memorable episodes of the series.

Two of the most recognized standouts are those of “Blink,” which introduced us to the Weeping Angels, as well as “The Girl In The Fireplace,” which served to introduce The Doctor to Madame de Pompadour. 

In the later episode, an original from the second season, saw our intrepid trio, The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey finding themselves on board a most unusual space ship.

The spaceship contains windows that look into various times in the life of Madame de Pompadour.  During his time on the ship, The Doctor and Madame de Pompadour develop a somewhat flirty relationship through a series of meetings. 

There is even a shared kiss at one point.

Image: A Doctor A Day

Sadly, at one point, when The Doctor returns to visit her, he arrives after her death.  The short sequel, simply titled “Pompadour” and even touts the return of Sophia Myles in the original roe.  I

n the newly created short story, Madame de Pompadour recollections on her visits with The Doctor, and speaks to her hopes of once again seeing him.

Fans of the series know that the meeting never comes to pass, but it also seems to imply that she is still alive.  Not in human form, but with her consciousness having been into the ship.  And that is what is really speaking for her in the scene.