Doctor Strange And Deadpool Crossover?

With each new trailer released in conjunction with the upcoming franchise sequel, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, rumors and conspiracy theories got pushed to an all-new high.

The highly anticipated second entry into the Doctor Strange Marvel franchise has long been rumored to include many character appearances from within the MCU.  Still, one has to wonder with a roster that grand just who will and will not be showing up.

All of the flames of speculation only served to be fanned even more with the trailer that dropped during the Super Bowl.  It was full of Easter Eggs, and all-new reveals that fans could hardly take it all in.

Image: Fiction Horizon

The first and foremost reveal was the voice of actor Patrick Stewart, the original Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, from the X-Men films.  His “appearance” in the trailer only confirms the rumors of a possible appearance of the X-men.

Fans also believe that a shadowy figure spotted in the trailer, sporting what appeared to be the Fantastic Four logo, could indicate that the rumored appearance of the character Reid Richards may be true.

Image: Inside the Magic

Even with these two possible character appearances, the one that has lit the internet on fire is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.  After being confirmed a while back that the quick-witted Merc with a Mouth would appear in crossovers with the MCU, and Stewart’s voice having “appeared” in the trailer, fans can only wait with bated breath.

Even though Reynolds somewhat indicated that he didn’t appear in the film in a recent interview, fans are not convinced as they already know how he and his character alike are prone to bending the truth.  Some fans are taking his answer as meaning he, himself, is not appearing in the film, not that his Deadpool character won’t be.