Do Less Drive-Thru: 3 Ways Your Health Suffers When You Eat Mainly Fast Food

If you’re among the people who hit the drive-thru without a second thought, listen up. The occasional fast food moment is nothing to worry about. If you’re chowing down on burgers, fries, and tacos on the near daily, though, it’s probably well past time to adjust your routine. Here’s why.

Fast Food Disrupts The Digestive System

The bacteria that lives in your digestive tract relies on a balanced diet in order to process food and absorb nutrients. A fast food diet doesn’t provide you with the nutrients that your body needs in order to regulate your mood, body composition, and energy levels. You’ll end up reducing the colonies of bacteria that are responsible for regulating your body processes.

Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in balanced diets simply aren’t present in fast food. These fatty acids are responsible for reinforcing the hardwiring of your brain. Trade them in for fat, sugar, and empty calories, and your whole body will suffer.

Links Between Depression And Nutrient Depletion

In a recent study, just short of 9,000 participants reported their dietary habits. It was found that those participants who ate the most fast food were 51% more likely to report suffering from depression. Science hasn’t pinpointed the exact cause, but guesses point towards nutrient deficiency making it tougher to regulate a positive mood.

What’s there to do instead? Well, almost anything else, really. A chicken sandwich instead of a greasy burger, for starters; perhaps a Greek salad for lunch instead of a gyro.

Breakouts And Unhealthy Skin

Some people deal with skin inflammation well into adulthood, whether it’s oily skin or a tough battle with acne. A study of asthma and allergies in children produced a link between fast food consumption and skin breakouts. Simply put, fast food is too bland and devoid of nutrients to support healthy skin. Just trade the grease for fresh fruit and vegetables!