Do Diet Sodas Really Cause Health Problems?

Most of us think of diet soda as a way to simultaneously consume soda and water. You get to enjoy the taste of soda without the calories and sugar it contains. Health experts aren’t enthusiastic about diet soda, but researchers are still researching how it affects human health.

There is no credible evidence that diet soda causes cancer, although a possible link is being studied continually. Having one to two cans a day probably won’t hurt you.

Especially if you drink diet soda regularly, it can be helpful to get a better understanding of how it can affect your body. Here’s what you need to know.

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Drinking Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain

Thinking twice before believing diet soda can make you lose weight is wise. Although diet soda is sugar-free and calorie-free, it may cause sugar cravings. A study from 2021 suggests that beverages made with sucralose, a no-calorie sweetener used in many diet sodas, may stimulate appetite.

Heart Disease Risk From Diet Soda

Research suggests diet soda may harm your heart. The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can adversely affect blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. Dr. Alice Williams, a physician, said, “the diet sodas tend to be acidic, which can contribute to inflammation and heart disease.”

Diet Soda Could Damage Your Gut

Stay away from diet soda if you are trying to maintain gut health. Diet drinks can contain nutritive sweeteners like polyols that may negatively affect your gut.

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Diet Soda May Reduce Bone Density

Williams suggests that diet sodas may lead to decreased bone density due to their high level of phosphates, which can leach calcium from bones. Moreover, intake of colas and diet colas but not other carbonated beverages is associated with lower women’s bone mass density.

However, remember that diet soda does to the body is still being studied, so this information may not be the best news for diet soda drinkers. However, keeping your diet soda consumption moderate is probably the best course of action.