DIY Marbled Mugs to Spice Up your Coffee Drinking!

Whether you’re looking for a fun DIY craft to do with the kiddos or just to do alone, look no further! This will suit all of your desires in finding something to do rather than watch TV and you get some cute mugs/glasses from it. Plus, this is one that won’t break the bank which is always a bonus in my book!

What you’ll need:

  • Plain white ceramic mugs/glasses (dollar tree purchase!)
  • Warm water
  • Some sort of container or bowl large enough to be able to submerge the drinkware in
  • Toothpicks
  • Nail polish – colors are completely up to you but the newer the bottle, the better!

Noted by Christy

Once you have all of your supplies, fill your container with warm water. Then, grab one bottle of polish and begin pouring some into the water.

TIP: the bottle should be very close to the water surface and the polish should float. If it’s sinking to the bottom you are either holding it too high or your polish may be a little old.

Next, use your toothpick to quickly swirl and break up the polish clumps so it creates a thin, layer across the top of the water. Then you’re ready to start putting in your mugs! Advice– avoid the rim of the drinkware so you’re not drinking some tasty nail polish in the future.
Once dipped, set your mug aside on a paper towel/rag to dry, and enjoy! Feel free to mix colors together using the same instructions and create some beautiful masterpieces.