DIY De-Icer Better Than Rock Salt

With 25 states in the US feeling the recent effects of the winter ice storms, one item in great demand is salt.  However, some can not get out to purchase it, and when they can, there is none to be had as it is in great demand.  What is a person to do?

Admittedly, when the ice and the snow arrive, the first thoughts turn to rock salt to handle the problem.  But, what if you don’t have to rely on rock salt and that we have a proven hack that is just as good, if not better?

The magical ice melt is super easy to create, and most of the ingredients to this de-icer are probably already available in your home.  In a bucket, you will need to add one-half gallon of hot water.  Then, put about six drops of dish soap, followed by ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol.  It can’t much simpler than that, right?

Image: Western National Insurance Group

Then, all you will have to do is pour the mixture onto your icy sidewalk or your driveway.  The snow and the ice will begin to bubble up as it begins to melt away.  You will only need to shovel away the small leftover pieces of ice, and you’re done!

Now, the obvious question here is—how can this possibly work?  As it turns out, rubbing alcohol has a much lower freezing point, so when applied to the ice, it significantly speeds up the melting process.  Plus, there is the added benefit that it prevents the surface from icing up again anytime soon.

You can also place the same mixture in a spray bottle and then use it to thaw the windows on your car.  So, as it turns out, there is a proven and easy alternative to rock salt that you can make yourself from the convenience of your own home.