Disney’s Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches Are In The Freezer Section

Disney lovers rejoice! One beloved treat from the famous theme park is no longer just at the park! Some of the magic of Disney is of course being at the park, eating all the fun dishes and snacks, seeing the characters and riding rides. Now, Disney is allowing a bit of magic to be available to customers a bit closer to home.

The well-known Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches, in the iconic shape of Mickey Mouse’s smiling face, are now available in the freezer section of your local grocery store instead of just Disney World. No more waiting in long lines in the heat for the ice cream to melt, simply enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

The ice cream sandwiches themselves are essentially cookies and cream ice cream stuffed between two soft chocolate wafers and shaped to look like Mickey Mouse’s face. These ice cream sandwiches are also a celebration of Mickey Mouse’s birthday, and each individual box will contain six individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches.

There is currently no information on how long these Disney treats will be available in stores for customers to enjoy or if they are sticking around for good. There is also currently no confirmed retail price for the Mickey Mouse cookies ‘n cream ice cream sandwiches, although one social media user did get a box for about ten dollars at her local grocery store.


This is not the first time that Disney has introduced a beloved Mickey Mouse snack into the consumer market outside of a Disney park. A few years back, Disney introduced the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar into local stores also to celebrate the famous mouse’s birthday. The chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bars also shaped like Mickey Mouse were available in four-packs in freezer sections nationwide and were a big success.