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Disney Plans “Zootopia” Theme Park in Shanghai

Disney is the master of building super realistic versions of their animated movies, so people all around the world can immerse themselves in the worlds they love through theme parks. As more and more animated movies come out, Disney theme parks across the planet keep adding new sections for fans to enjoy and capitalize on the film’s popularity.

A new theme park based on the animated adventure “Zootopia” is being released in Shanghai, China. The film, which follows a bunny who moves to the big city to become a police officer and then discovers a missing animal ring with the help of a sneaky fox, was one of the most successful animated films in China and it will also be the first theme park based on the film in existence.

According to Disney,” The new themed land will invite guests to fully immerse themselves in the mammalian metropolis of ‘Zootopia,’ ‘where anyone can be anything,’ and come along on an adventure with Judy and Nick, the lead characters from the hit, Academy Award-winning animated movie. With a brand-new attraction, entertainment, merchandise, and food and beverage offerings, the new land will provide guests with even more to experience and enjoy at Shanghai Disneyland than ever before.”


Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016 with six fully themed sections. Last year the park added “Toy Story” Land and now “Zootopia” will be its eighth themed section. The park attracts an average of eleven million visitors each year.

The new area of the park will be specifically designed to be like the major metropolis of Zootopia, with the large buildings, various animals and colorful decorations. It’s not completely clear when the park will be completed or open to the public to enjoy, however, the park is projected to be very successful in Shanghai Disneyland.

Source: WDW News Today