Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Aren’t As Magical As They Sound

Disney has more than 100 venues worldwide, including more than 50 at Disney world, such as the beach at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort.

Disney World is an integral part of Stephanie Burman’s life. She said, “I’ve been going to Disney since I was in my mom’s womb. So the thought of having a Fairy Tale wedding was just a dream.”

Disney properties host thousands of weddings each year, and here’s what it’s like:

Do Disney Weddings Cost A Lot?

Wedding prices vary according to location, day of the week, party size, and what couples want. Disney World weddings start at $7,500 outside the parks.

McFann said, “The event minimum for a ceremony inside a Disney park starts at $10,000.”

When Do Disney Weddings Start?

It’s best to plan for unconventional timing if couples want Cinderella Castle or the Tree of Life as their backdrops.

“Pandora is more of a sunrise setting location for us,” McFann said. “You’ve got to be one of those couples willing to get the whole friends and family up early, but talk about an immersive, epic location.”

How Is Disney World For Honeymoons?

Disney weddings can sometimes become extended celebrations with extra park days.

McFann said, “You’ve got guests coming for multiple days to vacation with you, and there’s something extraordinary and indelible about estimating that most couples stay two or three nights.”

Disney World is also a popular place for couples to get engaged, have bachelor or bachelorette parties, and have a honeymoon.

Are There Any Afterlife Plans?

It’s a popular destination for weddings and family vacations.

Santiago said, “Last year, we took our kids, who are now 16 and 9. We took a day and said, ‘We want to take you to see where we got married,’ and they were just so excited.”