Disney Bans Smoking, Ice and Certain Strollers on May 1

With the warmer spring and summer months coming, Disney parks are about to become filled with happy amusement parks visitors. Lots of families, kids, food, rides, Disney characters and more will fill the walkways of the park, but a few things will also be missing.

Disney Parks has announced that Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida will officially ban all smoking inside the parks, as well as bans on bringing in ice and certain baby strollers. The ban will officially go into effect on May 1.

In the month of May, Disney will also update their guidelines about strollers, to help parents choose strollers easier and understand beforehand which ones are not allowed inside the parks. These guidelines include that all strollers cannot be larger than thirty-one inches wide and fifty-two inches long. Some strollers are already banned, including most pull wagons, although the ban will also include brands like KEENZ.

Source: The National

Right now smoking is allowed inside Disney parks but only is the designated smoking areas. But on May 1, these designated smoking areas inside the park will be going away. However, smoking areas will be available outside the entrances to Disney Parks. Also, the designated smoking areas at Disney resort hotels and restaurants will remain.

Also, customers will no longer be allowed to bring in outside ice. Anyone with a cooler will need to use reusable ice packs. Both loose ice and dry ice will not be allowed to be brought in by patrons. However, customers will be allowed to ask for complimentary cups of ice from Quick Service locations inside the park.

These changes are expected to improve overall customer experience inside the parks, as well as helping to eliminate crowd issues. There is no word on whether or not these changes will be expanding to other Disney Parks in the future.