Disney Announces New Series Based On Tom Hiddlestons Marvel Character Loki

That is right—Loki is back!

Disney Studios has announced its plan to produce a new limited series, based on the Marvel Universe character of Loki, and yes—Tom Hiddleston will be returning as the iconic mischief-making, shapeshifter himself set to air in 2019.

The question all fans are asking now is—how will the series end up playing into the movie timeline?  As we all know, Loki was killed in the recent Avengers:  Infinity War.

So, will the series take place before this sequel in the movie series, or is this a hint that Loki will very well end up returning in Avengers 4?  Or better yet, will this be more of a Loki based prequel to the original Thor movie?

Image: Instinct Magazine

We don’t even know for sure if the new series be set within the MCU or not, as Marvel Studios has mentioned several times of the idea of setting future movies and characters outside the well known MCU that has existed up to date.

Image: BBC

The new Loki based series is set to head up Disney’s new streaming service—Disney+.   It seems Disney picked the prime time to announce the series addition, hot on the heels of Netflix’s own announcement of the cancellation of their two Marvel character-based shows Luke Cage and Ironfist.

It has been speculated, and rumored, that the new Loki series would be a short six to eight episodes long.  There was also rumors and speculation that we might see a series based on the Scarlet Witch character, as portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen.  However, there has been no official mention of whether or not that will actually happen at this point.

So, as it stands, Loki will soon be on the small screen, and will assuredly still be filled with great purpose.