Dessert Hot Pockets Now Exist

If you grew up in the United States in the 1990s or 2000s, then you are familiar with the brand Hot Pockets. These frozen and microwavable sandwiches were a delicious and convenient option for everyone and a staple in most freezers in homes across the country.

The original Hot Pockets are filled with savory flavors or were like miniature pizzas, with pepperoni and cheese, sausage, or ham and cheese. Each box contained two Hot Pockets, where are small, grab and go sandwiches which could be easily heated for a filling meal.

Now, the brand, which was recently given a shout out on Netflix’s show “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” by comedian Kate McKinnon, is announcing new sweet flavors. Nestle’s Hot Pockets recently unveiled the Hot Pockets Sweet Treats, which are basically dessert pastries from the freezer section.


Right now, these sweet treats are available in two different flavors, which are apple cinnamon and cinnamon roll. The apple cinnamon is a sandwich with a cinnamon crust and a juicy apple cinnamon filling with apple chunks. The cinnamon roll flavor has a cinnamon crust with a sweet cream cheese filling. The best part is that these new flavors are more compact than the savory flavors, so each box is filled with four individual hot pockets instead of two.

Just pop these in a microwave for about a minute and you have a sweet apple pie or cinnamon roll ready right from the freezer. The key is to wait a minute or so after the Hot Pocket has been heated, so it has time to cool or you will burn your mouth! So far, customers in the midwest have found these new products at Hy-Vee stores, but the new sweet flavors should be in grocery store frozen sections nationwide in the coming weeks.