Deadpool Is Expected To Be R-Rated In Third Go Around

The word from camp Deadpool is that the titular character we all know and love will be returning—with an R-rating even though it will be produced in conjunction with Disney.

image  Ryan Reynolds, the man behind the mask, confirmed over a month ago that he was, in fact, working on the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 with Marvel Studios.

As this would be the third film in the franchise, it would also prove to be the first entry that would be set up by Marvel and not Fox.  So, the question on everyone’s minds has been would it still carry an R-rating.

Image: Gamespot

It seems that if the writers are to have their say, the answer is a resounding YES!  Although there are a lot of new and cool things that can come into play, resulting from the recent merger of Fox with the House of Mouse, there are also some not so cool things as well.

Many of the highly anticipated projects that have been in the pipeline have either been put on hold or, as with some of them, canceled altogether.  That is why when fans heard from the mouth of the man himself, Ryan Reynolds, that work is moving along on the Deadpool sequel—well, one can understand the joy fans felt.

The big fear of those same fans is that, which Deadpool 3, we could possibly get a watered-down version of our favorite Merc with a Mouth, resulting in a PG-13 version of the followup film.

However, according to those attached the project, fans shouldn’t lose any sleep, as Deadpool is slated to remain as foul-mouthed as we know and love him to be.

Although these statements have been made by two individuals, who having been attached to the previous two sequels, have yet to be confirmed to this one, it still gives us hope that fans will get another shot of the character in all his glory.