Deadpool 3 Is Still In The Works At Marvel And Disney

It looks like Marvel and Disney are beginning to learn to play well with each other, as the first significant steps are being taken towards a third entry into the Deadpool franchise.

The most recent news is that Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin have been tapped to pen the sequel’s screenplay.  Both women are already known for being writers and producers on the animated hit series Bob’s Burgers.

Image: The Mary Sue

This third entry into the franchise will be Marvel’s first Deadpool film since its parent company acquired film giant 20th Century Fox last year.  It has also been confirmed that actor Ryan Reynolds will be returning to the titular role that he made famous.

The official Twitter account for the franchise, @deadpoolmovie, announced the news by posting a picture of Bob, from Bob’s burgers, with two signature swords, in true Deadpool fashion, strapped to his back.

It goes without saying that Deadpool 3 is undeniably one of the most fan-anticipated Marvel movies currently setting in the studio’s production line.  Deadpool, with its first two entries, was a hit primarily because the character was not afraid to throw in the occasional R-rate joke.

Marvel is not big on the R-rated themes and has not, up until now, featured them in their films.  It will be interesting just how much the studio will allow Reynolds to hold true to his character, if any.

Image: The Nerdist

With the fact that the film will also somewhat produced by the House of Mouse, one has to wonder if Deadpool will lose its R-rating and be toned down to at least a PG-13.

As of this writing, the sequel is still being listed as “in early development,” so there will still be quite a while before we get a possible release date, let alone see the film hit the big screen.