Daughter Reveals That Her Father Takes To Disneyland After Every Breakup

A woman has garnered praises for her father after revealing how he comforts her in each of her heartbreaks.

A 22-year-old Kenzie shares a video on TikTok by the username @kenziritotheburrito dedicating to her father last year. She revealed that he takes her to Disneyland whenever she goes through a breakup.

Kenzie captioned in the video stating, “Thinking about how both times my relationships ended, my dad took me to Disneyland. Only him and me, she begins the video crying in bed.

She shared the photos she had taken during these outings, which she identifies as being from either “breakup one” or break up two.”

Photos show the father-daughter posing in front of the amusement park rides and Minnie Mouse and making silly faces while wearing Disney hats in the first photo.

Kenzie has captioned, “He is quite literally the cutest and more caring man to walk this earth.”

Kenzie’s video was viewed 2.5 million times, and they have applauded Kenzie’s father for his parenting.

They were mixed reactions to this video as one said, “No, this is the purest thing ever, and others joked that they would “fake” breakup if they were Kenzie to be able to take trips with her father.

Someone else added: “He deserves an award.”

While some of the viewers revealed that Kenzie’s father inspires them.