Daredevil Returns Home To Marvel This Month

Most comic fans will undoubtedly admit that when Netflix, the online streaming service, decided to add Marvel to its cache of series a few years back, they really didn’t do the shows any real justice.

With that said, the one show that stood out from the rest was that of Daredevil, which is still one of the properties from the streaming service that is near and dear to fans.

Image: Indie Wire

It has been officially announced that this month the rights to Daredevil will officially revert back to Marvel Studios.  This news has many fans wondering what plans the powers that be at Marvel might have in store for the IP.

There is also the thought to ponder that with the rights finally coming back home, that means that Matt Murdoch and his alter ego are that much closer to showing up in the MCU.

Even with the return of the Marvel Netflix IP to its home at Marvel Studios, we still don’t have the slightest idea of what Marvel intends to do with it or where they plan the character to go.

However, if one were to believe rumors (and these days that is about all the information fans can get on a Marvel project), the head of Marvel, Kevin Feige, has shown some interest in possibly salvaging a few of the characters from the Netflix show.

Image: Small Screen

Namely, a blind man  who is a lawyer by day and beats up criminals at night.

On another note, nothing has been officially confirmed, but fans are hoping the rumors are true that the character of Matt Murdock will make an appearance in Spider-Man 3.  As our hero Peter Parker has been outed as the superhero that he is, he is undoubtedly in need of some fantastic legal advice as well as some legal defense.