Daphne Oz ‘The Good Dish’ Host Shares Her ‘Provocative’ Favorite Dessert

Daphne Oz’s family has always enjoyed sweet treats.

As a child, Daphne says her mother made Swedish pancakes, sugar-covered delights that were “like a crepe and a pancake.”

Now she makes colorful cakes for her kid’s birthdays.

Daphne tells Yahoo Life, “That is our family tradition. I make a confetti cake for all my kid’s birthdays.”

When it comes to the desserts she serves, her guests, Daphne, the host of “The Good Dish,” and judge on MasterChef Jr., say she keeps things simple when she entertains in her home.

Daphne said, “I literally will have an edible centerpiece people can disassemble as dessert rolls around with beautiful citrus and pears and cascading grapes or stone fruit. Then I’ll put out a couple of big bars of broken-up dark chocolate.”

Another of Oz’s keys to a memorable dinner party? A bit of relaxation.

She says, “The fundamental part of having a great dinner party is for you, the host or hostess, to be relaxed.”

She also knows how to stick with what she knows when planning her menu.

Daphne says, “I never experiment on a dinner party. If you start experimenting, it’s always a risk.”

The author of Eat Your Heart Out: All-fun, No-fuss Food to Celebrate Eating Clean, describes the food as both fuel and pleasure. &

Daphne says, “It’s a way to find joy in our everyday lives and travel without ever stamping our passports, explaining that the cookbook contains 150 recipes free of gluten and refined sugar yet extensive on flavor.

Oz knows how to “make her taste buds happy” during celebrations.

She recalls, “One of the most beautiful things someone ever served me for dessert at a dinner party was cold raspberries, and strawberries drizzled with rosewater and then chilled cold in the fridge.”