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Experts Agree, Avoid These Hands Soap At All Costs

Washing your hands should be pretty straightforward, right?  Unfortunately, there’s more to it than just your favorite personal care products, and hand soap isn’t an exception. Many popular soaps on this list use the ingredient “perfume”, which is worse than it looks. According to the Environmental Working Group, “When you see a fragrance on the label of a personal care product, read it as “concealed chemicals”.

There are allergens in many soaps that can cause skin and respiratory problems. They also contain a lot of endocrine soiling—a scientific expression that translates into “disrupting your hormone levels”. Some of them may lead to thyroid problems, infertility and muscle deficiency.

Here are a few of the most deceptive and toxic hands ’we’ve been able to dig up.

Method Pink Grapefruit Hand Soap

The Method is relatively inexpensive and smells good, but is it worthwhile? Most of the ingredients are pretty good, but the scent is pretty high up the list. The problem is that no one else except Method knows what the general ingredients are. Methylisothiazolinone is an ingredient in this soap. The FDA permits it to be in cosmetics, but this does not change that it is also a standardized chemical allergen. Therefore, the Consumer Safety Committee of the European Commission has banned its use in products. Indeed, we would not be surprised if this vibrating medley induced spontaneous meal skipping.


Nature’s Gate Liquid Hand Soap In Oatmeal

’Nature’s Gate sounds like a quality trademark, but it shows you that names ’aren’t everything. The only means to protect yourself and your family is to read the ingredients. The worst elements on ’Nature’s Gate are “perfume” sodium hydroxide and phenoxy-ethanol. Fragrances are mysterious term-hedging and unregulated, so several ingredients may be in the soap. Although the use of sodium hydroxide in cosmetics is legal, some countries have identified issues. Sodium hydroxide can cause significant skin irritation and has been assessed as toxic by Canadian governmental agencies. Its high ingredient content could cause any issues, from skin irritation to long-term skin problems.