Dairy Queen Announces Cotton Candy and Churro Dipped Cones

As summer gets closer, the need for ice cream increases all the time. Ice cream chain Dairy Queen is known for creating ice cream concoctions in blizzards with tons of different flavors and toppings. They are also known for their hand-dipped ice cream cones.

Every once in awhile, Dairy Queen releases a limited-edition flavor of Blizzard or hand-dipped cone flavor that is usually a fun combination of flavors. With spring happening all around us, Dairy Queen recently introduced two interesting hand-dipped cone flavors that customers will love.

The first hand-dipped cone flavor is a churro hand-dipped cone. A social media user snapped a photo of a Dairy Queen advertisement for a Churro hand-dipped cone complete with the image of one online. However, there isn’t a lot of information about this new hand-dipped cone, such as whether or not it will be limited edition or when it will officially drop.

A churro is a long, fried-dough pastry that is completely covered in cinnamon sugar.  It seems that the Dairy Queen churro dipped cone is made of the classic vanilla soft-serve ice cream, which is dipped in a churro coating that hardens, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar on top. So sugar lovers will want to try this treat out!


The second new hand-dipped cone is the cotton candy hand-dipped cone. The dipped part refers to a liquid coating that the ice cream gets dipped into and then it hardens as it dries. This coating is easy to flavor and color to make the delicious ice cream treats.

This cotton candy hand-dipped cone is a bright blue frozen dessert that is made of the classic Dairy Queen vanilla soft-serve ice cream that is dipped in sweet cotton candy coating. This flavor will not be a limited-edition flavor and it is available in the small, medium, and large cone sizes at participating Dairy Queen locations.