Dad Makes ‘Catch Of The Year’ At Mets Game While Holding His Baby

Fathers can be sports enthusiasts despite looking unfit or having lawn mowing stains on their cheap sneakers.

The baseball fan who snatched the home run at Tuesday’s New York Mets game grabbed a child while reaching over the railing.

Fox Sports tweeted, “Catch of the year, no question about it.”

Mets’ Starling Marte hit a home run off the bat of his teammates in the first inning, giving the Mets a 2-0 lead over the Washington Nationals.

After bouncing for a moment, it booted again before a spectator with one arm, holding a toddler, grasped it with the other.

One SNY broadcaster said, “This man will go viral.”

As a result, the Mets won 10-0.

As reported by the Associated Press, Alan Alcantara and his 1-year-old son Levi hit the home runs.

Alcantara grew up playing baseball barehanded in the Dominican Republic.

Alcantara told AP, “I knew I would not have time to put the baby down. So I decided to hold on tight to him, jump on the rail and see if I could catch the ball. And we did.”

Some commented on Twitter that the catch was “a bit dangerous” for the win.

Earlier this month, a Cincinnati Reds fan went viral for catching a foul ball while bottle-feeding his son.

Red’s Jacob Kingsley said, “This will be a great memory to share with him.”

Both men might compete with the guy who grabbed a ball with one hand while holding two beers.