Craig Melvin Teaches Biracial Children The Importance Of Black History

Melvin says that his son asked him a question during the pandemic period.

My son said about his sister, “Well, Sibby is white like a mother, and I am brown like the father.”

Melvin thought to himself, “We should educate our children. We explained that they are biracial. It doesn’t matter a lot because we are human beings, which is most important.”

Melvin says that my wife Lindsay and I were both a bit Pollyanna about how far we have come as a country and society after the murder of George Floyd in 2020. There were some discussions and protests about his murder worldwide.

This situation forced us to have some candid discussions about the matter of race. My son is seven, and my daughter is five. They are young to have these conversations, but they have to have them eventually.

My son started singing a song while bathing. It begins as a hum, and then he sings.

I said, “Oh, is that, ‘We shall Overcome’?”

He said, “Yeah, how do you know that song?”

I said, “Well, that was the anthem during the civil rights movement.”

My son had learned the song in a music class before Black History Month. He is one of the two brown faces in the class.

Black history must be more integrated into our history throughout the year. Some people are unaware of the history. Some people hide behind Black History month and use that as an excuse not to integrate into our history.