Costco Is Selling Pumpkin Pie In a Jar

With the temperatures dropping and holidays coming closer, it’s clear that fall has finally arrived. That also means that seasonal food trends and flavors have arrived. The most widely recognized and celebrated flavor for fall is pumpkin, the most traditional Thanksgiving flavor as well.

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving dessert staple, and over the years has become a best-selling flavor for popular coffee chain Starbucks, who sells a pumpkin spice latte every autumn. This year, even more foods are being released that are flavored with pumpkin or pumpkin spice, like cookies, candles, and much more.

Wholesaler Costco is the latest to jump on this pumpkin flavor trend. The company is offering a pumpkin pie in a jar for sale in all of its locations. The product, which is from Clara’s Kitchen, is pumpkin pie in a jar and the label explains that all you need to do is add eggs and a crust for a real pumpkin pie. Also, you need to bake it, just like a traditional pie, since the jar is sold on a store shelf.

Source: Greg DuPree

The pumpkin pie in a jar also has the standard ingredients of a pumpkin pie, including pumpkin puree, brown sugar, cane sugar, heavy cream, and the usual spices. The jars are currently available in one size, 25 oz., and they are currently being sold in packs of two.  So, all together the product has a retail price tag of 7 dollars for two large jars of pumpkin pie.

That’s a lot of pumpkin pie, and it’s a steal when you consider the cost of buying all of the ingredients individually, plus you can definitely make more than one pie out of this! The product is expected to be available through the Thanksgiving holiday and you can even buy some extra and store it in the pantry to have it all year round if you choose.