Cool Ways To Use Nail Polish (Other Than On Your Nails)

There’s something relaxing about painting your nails, but did you know you can use the paint for other things? Whether it’s artsy or practical, nail polish has some pretty unique alternative uses:

Smudge-proof labels

If you’re like me, you like labeling stuff. However, using Sharpie often results in smudges. To keep the lettering neat and clean, paint on a layer of clear nail polish.

Protect match tips

To keep your match tips as dry as possible, paint them with nail polish (clear again, but it doesn’t really matter) to seal them and make them waterproof.

Mark levels

If you have a lot of bottles and you can’t see through them very well, you might realize too late that you’re running low on something. Mark the level with nail polish on the outside, so you instantly know how much liquid is left. If you use a cleaning concentrate, you usually have to measure a cup or so into a bucket and fill the rest with water. Mark the soap level with nail polish so you can just pour it right in and don’t have to bother measuring every single time.

Make threading a needle easier

If you sew, you know how annoying threading a needle can be. To make it easier, dip the end of your thread in clear nail polish to stiffen it up.

Hide car scratches

For a quick fix, paint car scratches with a matching nail polish.

Color code objects

Anything that needs to be color-coded can benefit from nail polish. I color-code with mail key and house key with nail polish. You can also paint headphones, cords, and so on.

Spruce up your phone case

If your phone case is a bit on the boring side, personalize it with your favorite nail polish colors. Draw out some designs first on paper so you can pick the one you like best.