Common Fitness Tips Trainers Say You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone’s trying to get fit before bikini season. But if you want to treat your body right, listen to the experts (and not your aunt who just joined a gym two weeks ago). Here are some of the absolute worst exercise myths that trainers hear on an almost daily basis, and the real truth to getting a better bod in the healthiest way.

There’s Only One Way To Squat

Sure, your trainer will tell you that proper form is key to getting the best (and safest) results from your workout. But it’s just a plain myth that there’s only one correct way to do a squat. What looks right to someone else might cause you pain — which isn’t a good thing. People of different heights might need to squat differently, and there are ways to modify basic squats to safely work on different muscle groups, too.

Lifting Heavy Weights Will Make You Bulky

Ladies, listen up: Lifting heavier weights isn’t going to turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, building muscle strength through challenging weight training will actually help increase your metabolism in the long run, helping to improve your cardio and fitness levels overall. Most women simply don’t have the testosterone in them that causes bulky buildup like it does in guys, so lift away.

Fitness Classes Are Designed For Everyone

If it’s group classes you’re into, make sure that you sign up for one suitable to your fitness level. If you’re a beginner and join an advanced class, not only will you be lost, but you risk injuring yourself from over-exertion. If you’re experienced in the field, you need to continue challenging yourself in order to keep seeing results — so it may be time to switch into intermediate after you’ve mastered the basics.