Cold Stone Unveils Boo Batter Ice Cream For Halloween

Halloween is nearly here so it’s the perfect time to indulge in some seasonal Halloween treats to get into the spirit of the season. Cold Stone Creamery is a fun ice cream shop that is known for creating crazy and over the time ice cream concoctions with candy and out of the box ice cream flavors.

Now Cold Stone Creamery has released Boo Batter Ice Cream for Halloween. This ice cream option is made from cake batter ice cream which has been colored midnight black and includes Kit Kats, Halloween Oreo Cookies with bright orange crème, and M&M’s all mixed in. This signature ice cream option is like if  a bag of Halloween candy exploded in your ice cream. Or a cake filled with tons of candy.

In participating Cold Stone locations, customers are also able to buy this Boo batter ice cream in a brught orange or black waffle cone for an added spooky experience. According to Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing for Kahala Brands, which owns Cold Stone said in a statement that cutomers can “Indulge in the nostalgia of your Halloween childhood memories with the Treat or Treat Creation; it is a spook-tacular way to get into the Halloween spirit!”


This limite edition Boo Batter Ice Cream will be available at participating locations through the end of October, so it is a great treat to get on Halloween night! This treat is also available in a waffle bowl if you don’t want to get it in a special waffle cone color.  Although this Boo batter Ice Cream debuted just last year, it’s also very likely that this popular treat will be back next Halloween if you happen to miss out on it this year. This fun treat will have the same retail price as other Cold Stone Creamery ice cream options.