Cocoa Snow Falls In Switzerland After Chocolate Factory Malfunction

After you ever wanted it to rain chocolate? Well, 2020 definitely delivered on this wish. A chocolate factory located in Olten, Switzerland recently made it briefly rain chocolate nearby after an equipment malfunction.

When it snows at all there is almost a magic in the air, a true sign that winter has arrived and the holiday season is in full swing. Seeing the normally green or autumn leaves covered in white is a fun sight, but what if the sight was brown. When chocolate rains down from the sky, it can be a confusing sight, but it also smells wonderfully of chocolate.

A representative from Lindt & Spruengli said that “one car was lightly covered” and the company offered to cover the cost of cleaning any affected property. According the Associated Press, the Lindt & Spruengli chocolate factory in Olten had a small problem with its ventilation system while it made roasted cocoa nibs, and a combination of HVAC issues and high winds left a light sprinkling of cocoa powder on the surrounding streets.


It’s not exaclty clear for how long the sky was raining cocoa snow, but it sounds like something straight out of a Ronald Dahl book. Most chocolate factories are also in European countries, which are picturesque and also experience many different seasons. This is also not the first chocolate-related malfunction that a factory has suffered, although it is a first for this factory.

In 2018, a flood of chocolate covered the streets in Werl, Germany after a delivery truck mishap. That’s worse is that the river of chocolate also harden on the road, so crews had to remove the chocolate with pick axs and equipment to remove the chocolate in big chunks. After nearly four inches of chocolate was removed, the street had to be doused with water.