Coca-Cola Unveils New Apple Flavor

Coca-Cola is the most recognizable drink brand in the entire world. Their carbonated drinks are available in dozens of flavors as well as diet soda, caffeine-free, zero sugar and much more. The brand has no recently been experimenting with flavor profiles, adding fruity flavors specifically in their iconic cola soda.

These fruity drinks have become a craze in places like Japan, where the drink is most popularly flavored with peach. However, the soda giant recently announced a new flavor of Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola Apple. This fruity soda infusion is a first-time flavor collaboration and since apple is traditionally a fall flavor, the timing for this drink is perfect.

Coca-Cola Apple is already officially available in Hong Kong and throughout Japan, where it is sold in 7-Eleven convenience stores. However, the apple soda drink is proving to be so popular that it’s been sold out of stores nearly everywhere.


According to junk food social media accounts, who have been able to debut this new drink to the world that cannot taste it, “The Apple coke is quite light but the flavor is amazing. It tastes like a bit of apple juice is mixed in with the classic Coca-Cola formula. The flavor is not artificial at all which is great.”

At the moment, interested customers can also purchase Coca-Cola Apple online from napaJapan, where a 500 ml bottle will run you just $3.99 per bottle, but keep in mind that soda is heavy and the shipping costs will be too since shipping is done by weight. The Coca-Cola Apple is also a seasonal flavor, so customers can expect to see the limited-edition drink in stores from the Halloween season through January 2020, according to the expiration dates on the bottles.

Social media users have been going crazy for the new flavor though, with many overseas users hoping the fruity soda will make its way over to the United States so it will become more widely available to the public to try.