Coca-Cola Flavored Tic Tac’s Are Coming

There are probably very few people in the world today who hasn’t at one time or another enjoyed the delightful taste of a Tic Tac.

Tic Tac’s are a small, hard brand of mints that are the product of Ferrero, an Italian manufacturing company.  Having hit the candy market in 1968, they have grown to include a multitude of flavors and to be sold in over 100 countries across the globe.

Many of the flavors available are undoubtedly familiar, as most of us have seen them while standing in line at the grocery store checkout line.  Some of those more commonly known flavors include Orange, Freshmint, Wintergreen, and Cinnamon.

Image: The Coca Cola Company

However, now there is a new flavor on the block, and it is sure to be a hit.  Coming mid-January, to a checkout line near you, will be the latest offering in the Tic Tac line—Coca Cola flavored Tic Tacs!

Those who have had the opportunity to be the first to try the new flavor can only rave about it.  The candy is white in color, with the classic well known Coca Cola logo emblazoned on one side.

When you pop it in your mouth, you will be amazed by the truly authentic Coca Cola taste of the candy.  Although admittedly, there is a slight hit of minty aftertaste, for the most part, the flavor is all Coca Cola.  The combo is genuinely unexpected but also refreshing.

The newest flavor is reportedly due to hit the candy shelves by no later than the end of January.


The combination of Tic Tac and Coca Cola would not be the first idea to come to most people’s minds, but the matchup works!  Imagine the marrying of the fresh classic mint kick of a Tic Tac to the taste of a crisp sugary-sweetness of a Coke.

Although we still have a few weeks before the newest additions to the Tic Tac candy will be on the shelves, those who have had the chance to taste them assure that they are well worth the wait.