Christy Turlington Loves How Calvin Klein’s Eternity Has Evolved

Currently, Christy Turlington says Eternity by Calvin Klein is evolving.”

In her first perfume ad since 1988, the face of the perfume talked about the “supercharged” nature of the classic scent.

During the 90s, she shot to fame alongside Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Linda Evangelista. She told BAZAAR.com that as the fragrance evolved, it became more complex and exciting. It’s always been sensual. It’s always been romantic. It’s always been a great classic, but these latest scents feel more supercharged.


Her last collaboration with the brand was eight years ago, and Christy admired how “the brand tried to sell the Turkish rose, pepper, and jasmine-infused scent in a new way.”

The director certainly did. He tried to find a classic but playful version of the story.” it’s interesting to see how creative minds interpret something so iconic as this campaign in a new way after working for the fragrance for so long.”

She says, “The photographer was so easy to work with. It’s awkward to work with your husband. We felt more comfortable this time, having done it once previously. It was lovely.”

The couple has been married for almost 20 years despite two campaigns together. Her advice for keeping the spark alive? “Shoot a fragrance commercial together,” she jokes. That, and lots of laughter.


It is their shared sense of humor that contributes to the happiness of her and the ’27 Dresses’ actress.

Turkish rose, Sichuan pepper, and jasmine sambac absolute are featured in Eternity Eau de Parfum Intense for Her; organic lavender, rum extract, and white vanilla absolute are featured in Eternity Parfum for Men. There is a seamless harmony between the two fragrance duos.

“Fragrance is an intimate thing. Turlington Burns describes it as a time for yourself that lifts your spirits and energy. Moreover, it’s also what you want to share with the person you’re with. You do it for yourself, but it’s also a thing you do for other people. You want to smell nice. You want to be inviting.”