Chobani Now Sells Completely Vegan Yogurt

Chobani is one of the most popular yogurt brands on the market, and now they are expanding their reach to include vegan customers as well. Non-dairy eaters now have a good and versatile yogurt item they can purchase as most local grocery stores thanks to Chobani.

The new line of non-dairy yogurts are expected to arrive in grocery stores nationwide in January 2019. Instead of dairy, Chobani has infused the new yogurt with coconut puree. According to the released statement, Chobani has decided to use coconut products because coconut is a “leader among nondairy options in our category and has shown consistent growth.”

All of the non-dairy products will be available in single-serve cups which have a retail price of two dollars, while there is also a drinkable version that is seven ounces and retails for about $2.49. Peter McGuinness, Chobani’s chief marketing officer and commerical officer, also explained that the new yogurt products are being marketed as “non-dairy Chobani” since yogurt is classified as a dairy product, and there is no dairy in this new line of yogurt from Chobani.


The new vegan-friendly yogurt will be available in a variety of yummy flavors, including a plain flavor which is slightly sweet, vanilla, mango, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla chai, and peach. Each cup of this yogurt contains six live, active cultures, which are gut-friendly foods and it’s also completely gluten-free.

This non-dairy Chobani is also packed with protein, and one serving of it contains one gram of protein, with about one hundred and thirty to one hundred and fifty calories per serving. One more advantage Chobani has over other competitors is this Chobani yogurt line has about twenty-five percent less sugar in it than other leading brands. All of the ingredients are also all natural and have no GMOs.