Childs Play Would Have Been Much Darker With Original Script

Those tried and true horror genre fans of the Child’s Play movies are sure to agree that the original entry into the franchise is undeniably the darkest of all the installments.  Even as dark as the film was, there are those that say that the original screenplay, if it had been used, would have made the story line even more tragic.

The 1988 cult movie favorite revolved around the transforming of a cute little kids toy, a doll, into a now well-loved murderous horror icon.

The movie was so popular, it went on to spawn six sequels, each more blood-soaked than the one before, as well as being rebooted for a modern audience.  There was even the announcement of a Child’s Play TV show on the horizon.

Image: Collider

With each sequel that followed the first, we have seen the killer doll taken in different directions and to even higher degrees of gore and cheesy cinema.

However, with all of the directions the films have been taken in over the years, not one comes close to the original idea that creator and original screenwriter’s Dan Mancini had in store for Chucky.

Although Chucky would never have the imposing presence of Jason Voorhees or even the dark aura as that of Annabelle, he none the less was a presence to be dealt with in the horror genre.

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That presence was written into the original story line as an extension of Andy’s character.  This was because Andy was the serial killer in that version, and Chucky only came to life, when Andy was sleeping, as a physical presentation of Andy’s unconscious mind.

What was the driving force behind Andy’s “alter ego?”  His resentment towards his mother, for divorcing his father, and spending more time at work than with him.  You know, the classic 80s clichés for why kids in movies go on killing rampages.