Cheetos Mac & Cheese Is In Stores Now!

Macaroni and cheese is a staple snack food and a quick and affordable dish to make across the world. A little pasta and a little cheese in a box that is also filled with plenty of nostalgic goodness. The great thing about macaroni and cheese too is that it is a very versatile dessert.

Cheetos are also a well-known snack food. These cheesy, crunchy chips are one of a kind and they are also available in many different flavors, including Flamin’ Hor and Cheesy Jalapeno. So combining both Cheetos and macaroni and cheese is a surprising and yet genius pairing.

Right now, Cheetos Mac N’Cheese is available in box form and in a large microwavable bowl. The boxes are just over five ounces in size and the bowls are nearly two and a half ounces. Both the bowls and the boxes are also available in three flavors: Cheesy Jalapeno, Flamin’ Hot and Bold & Cheesy.

The Flamin’ Hot flavor speaks for itself, and comes with bright red packaging just like the Cheetos bag flavor. The Cheesy Jalapeno has bright green packaging and the Bold & Cheesy flavor has the traditional orange packaging.


These new mac and cheese snack attacks have been available exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide since August 8. The best part? Each individual package has a confirmed retail price of one dollar. They are also made with authentic Cheetos cheesiness and corkscrew pasta noodles for an added twist.

Fans of macaroni and cheese and Cheetos lovers will not want to miss this. No word on whether or not these new Cheetos Mac N’Cheese options will be available in other retail stores or grocery stores in the near future. Also, it’s not clear if more flavors of this new product will be released, or even if these three options are a limited time release themselves.