Check Out These Hot New Toys Of The Year

The quality of children’s toys keeps improving every year. It’s not easy finding a gift for kids, especially if you haven’t started yet. There are a lot of choices, which is good news for the kids but frustrating for shoppers.

Our goal at the Good Housekeeping Institute is to help you sort through the choices. The site researches and evaluates toys year-round, previewing new releases, staying on top of trends, and even testing toys in stores.


What are this year’s top toy trends? Many toys can relieve stress and anxiety, including calming sensory toys, play sets that help social-emotional development, and soft fidget toys. In addition, many toys and play sets are sustainability-themed in terms of themed play and materials used.

For more on toy trends, Rachel Rothman, CEO of Good Housekeeping Institute, outlines more of this year’s trends in the Good Housekeeping We Are Family Parenting Summit recap — and here is where you’ll find the best toys of 2022.

Here are some of the new releases causing the most excitement.

 DoodleJamz JellyPics

It’s an easy-to-use creative toy that kids will love, and parents will love that it doesn’t require any cleanup! With a squishy feel and fun touch, this reusable sensory art drawing pad offers all the excitement of finger painting without the mess. Despite being lightweight and sturdy, it won’t break while traveling.


Super Mario Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set

Testers at the Good Housekeeping Institute loved the LEGO Super Mario Bros. Starter Set, which incorporates digital and physical gameplay. After building the levels, kids used a Mario figure with LCD screens in their eyes and belly to go through them and win virtual coins. The world is expanding with Bowser’s airship, which contains Kamek, a Rocky Wrench, a Goomba, POW Blocks, and a Cannon Start Pipe.

Latch Kits Yarnimals

Let’s make a new best friend with yarn and a looping tool! Create a 3D cuddle buddy using the same looping technique as the traditional Latchkits rug. Grasp the mesh with string, drop the heart charm, and snap it together. The kit includes everything children need to make their adorable plush.