Charlie Sheen Is Pitching A Reboot Of Two And A Half Men

Whether you want to call it a reboot or a revival, it seems that there has been talk going around of revisiting the tv series Two and A Half Men.  And as if that isn’t interesting enough, it appears that the one to pitch the idea was none other than Charlie Sheen himself.

Back in July, rumors were going around that Sheen had brought up the idea of bringing the series back.  As far as anyone knows, the original producer, Chuck Lorre, and 99% of the cast don’t even seem to be interested in the idea.  Just Sheen is on board with the idea, which is ironic as he left the show in a significant tizzy over eight years ago.

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Image: Chicago Tribune

Two And A Half Men premiered during an era well before the #MeToo movement.  And that is why it did as well as it did, and could get away with such a massive amount of political incorrectness.  The premise centered around the idea of two brothers living together, in the days of 2003, was a saleable idea in the eyes of the executives at CBS.

As flawed as the series may have been, the chemistry that developed between Sheen and his co-star Jon Cryer made the show the massive fan favorite and hit it became.  With the characters being brothers, who were always going at each other, a winning dynamic was created.  Even with the two main stars, there was still room for their various female regulars to shine as well.

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Sheen was always considered the “glue” that held the chemistry of the comedy together.  That is why when everything broke loose, and Sheen was fired, the series never was quite the same.  Ashton Kutcher, who starred opposite Cryer in Sheen’s stead, was excellent in his own right, but let’s face it, he was not Charlie Sheen.

Now that word is circulating that Sheen wants to bring the series back, one has to wonder, would the show work as a reboot?  Or is Sheen just chasing after a career that left the building years ago?