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Insanely Gorgeous Celebrity Children

They grow up in the limelight with their celebrity moms and dads, so it comes as no surprise that so many children of celebrities often decide to follow in their famous parent’s footsteps and enter the entertainment industry. Check out insanely gorgeous celebrity children.

Jason Whittle, Patrick Swayze’s Love Child

One can not think of the 80s movie scene and not have Patrick Swayze pop to mind.  Although he had been around for a while, his star didn’t really take flight until the sleep cult movie Dirty Dancing got noticed.  Having been trained as a dancer most of his life, and not so much an actor, when Dirty Dancing came along it afforded Swayze the opportunity to dip his toes into the acting genre.

What was unknown at the time, is that during the peak of his acting career, Swayze had become a father.  He had, unknowingly to himself, had a love child with a woman by the name of Bonnie Kay.  Kay confessed to her son of his parental heritage, but anyone who looked at him could see that he was Patrick’s.  Unfortunately, Swayze passed before learning of his child.