Catherine Lowe Praised Husband Sean’s Cooking Skills

The Season 17 winner of ‘The Bachelor,’ Catherine Giudici Lowe, is a mother of three and the renowned “mashed potato queen.”

Lowe tells Yahoo Life, “From a very young age, probably when I was 10. I was in charge of cooking the mashed potatoes for any family gathering. We’d have like 20 Filipino and Samoan people, and they were big, and they could eat. I made a lot of potatoes.”

Lowe, whose mother is Filipino American, also learns to make traditional Filipino dishes.

She says, “My mom was a single mom, so she didn’t teach me a ton about Filipino cuisine. So I’m doing that now.”

When she was able to sit down to a meal with anyone, Lowe would choose someone of her Filipino ancestors so she could learn some cooking tips.

She says, “I feel like recently I’ve gotten into trying to be authentic in my Filipino cooking. Someone from my family tree from the Philippines might help me honor the traditions and heritage.”

Lowe cooks family favorites like grilled salmon and roasted kale or broccoli for dinner when she’s not referencing her ancestry.

She says, “Despite her balanced cooking style, her kids adore it. My thing before they were born was to drink green juice every day, so they love that flavor.”

While her husband Sean is the primary chef at home, Lowe says she is responsible for breakfast as part of Mrs. T’s Pierogies’ All-Star Moms campaign.

Lowe jokes, “He’s Gaston. “He just makes eggs.”

Lowe says Mrs. T’s and her love for mashed potatoes perfectly match.

Lowe said the brand’s Mother’s Day campaign aims to help moms fund their hobbies by giving away cash prizes to help them.