Carrie Underwood’s Trainer Shared Her Workout For Sculpted Arms

Eve Overland, Carrie Underwood’s trainer, explains that the singer works her upper body with pull-ups and dumbbell presses.

Overland said she works out almost every day and loves to focus on her biceps and shoulders.

Eve said, “Carrie has always been celebrated for her noteworthy legs. But as her trainer and friend, I get so much joy when people notice how sculpted and strong her arms are. She is the complete package.”

In Underwood’s workout, she typically does supersets, alternating exercises with little break between.

Supersets that work the lats and back muscles include pull-ups (which also operate the biceps) and dumbbell bent-over rows (for the shoulders) as well as renegade rows (for the core).

The next set targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps (the muscles on the back of the arms) with dumbbell floor presses, bench dips, and push-ups with shoulder taps.

Carrie Underwood also works out pushing, alternating shoulder presses with dumbbells, doing bicep curls with resistance bands, and doing tricep extensions to target every muscle group in her upper body.

According to her trainer, Underwood’s workouts can be intense and require strength, power, and stability.

Overland said, “She’s also always up for a challenge and loves to push her body.”

When you are a fitness beginner, scaled versions of bodyweight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups are a great way to progress.

Experts have previously told ‘Insider’ that dumbbell exercises such as presses are great for learning how to lift weights.