Carl’s Jr. Unveils CBD-Infused Burger to Celebrate 4/20

4/20 is finally here, and burger fans have a new and controversial food choice for this unofficial holiday. Popular charbroiled burger joint Carl’s Jr. recently announced that they would offer a CBD-infused burger which would debut on April 20, 2019.

Called the “Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight,” this burger will be topped with CBD-infused Santa Fe sauce as well as a juicy double hamburger patty, cheese slices, pickles and more. The burger chain will officially test this new burger at one location in Denver and the burger will only be available for one day.

However, if the CBD-infused burger does well, the controversial burger will be available for purchase at other markets where Carl’s Jr. restaurants are allowed to offer it. The burger will also have an official and fixed price of four dollars and twenty cents.


Patty Trevino, Carl’s Jr.’s senior vice president of brand marketing explained that this new burger has been in development since the burger brand announced its vegan burger back in January of this year. “If anyone is going to do it, I would want Carl’s Jr. to do it,” Trevino said, about being the first burger chain to offer a CBD food option.

The burger is intended to be a hit with customers and franchisees, and based on the sales the burger chain hopes to expand the menu item beyond the one day and eventually end up in other chains as well. Denver was chosen as the test location for the CBD-infused burger because legally the restaurant is allowed to do it. The state of Colorado passed legislation that legalized recreational marijuana back in 2014.

CBD has long been known to have positive health benefits and Carl’s Jr. does have the bulk of its restaurants in states that have fully legalized marijuana uses for various reasons, including California and other West Coasts states.