Caramel Fluff Is Now A Thing

Most people are familiar with the decadent taste of marshmallows. In fact, many people are also familiar with marshmallow fluff, the lovely spreadable marshmallow substance you can buy at your local grocery store. It’s really jar of joy, and a great way to easily make a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich, or a fluffernutter.

What most people do not know is that marshmallow fluff is not the only kind of fluff that you can buy. The internet recently discovered that caramel fluff also exists. This is a marshmallow fluff that is caramel flavored and comes in the same helpful jar, although it might be harder to locate than regular marshmallow fluff.

Some lucky fans have been able to find this treat at Redner’s, a regional grocery store located in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. In addition, this caramel fluff can be found online from websites like GB Gifts, which is based in the United Kingdom, or from My American Market, where one seven and a half ounce jar will cost you just three dollars, although this price does not include shipping domestically or overseas.


The ingredients of this caramel fluff are also simple. The main ingredients are egg whites, sugar, corn syrup, caramel flavor and more and some additional colorings. So this is definitely a sweet treat to top on a dessert or even try to invent a new sandwich. Some people who have already tried this caramel marshmallow fluff descibe the taste as being like a marshmallow snickers bar.

In addition to caramel marshmallow fluff, fans can also find a strawberry fluff, which is a strawberry-flavored marshmallow fluff with a red coloring. This jar of fluff is also available for a similar price of around three dollars a jar. Fans have already also found this strawberry fluff in the wild of local grocery stores and it’s ideal for milkshakes and dessert toppings.